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Created in 2018, Strategy 350 evolves in a very dynamic and constantly changing world, which requires being multitasking.
That is why Strategy 350 aims to respond to different but complementary missions such as project implementation, asset management and business advice.
Our team of specialists has a deep experience thanks to different projects in various fields for instance in logistics, natural resources or IT.

Our activities:
Project management
Our goal in project management is to allow an optimal achievement of the projects we work on. Our missions ranging from the coordination of relations between the different stakeholders of the project to the establishment of a strategy, the production of studies and the monitoring of the realisation of the said project.
Asset management
Our team of specialists is involved in the asset management of our clients. The nature of the assets managed is wide ranging from real estate to securities, allowing us to have a global view on the projects entrusted by our clients.
Our clients also come to seek advice for their business when it is not managed by our company. All three activities (project management, asset management, consulting) cover a large panel meeting the expectations of our clients. The latter have a total flexibility by choosing the involvement of our team in their company business or projects.
Over the past two years, we have been able to
participate in several projects:
Logistics train terminals
Coordination of negotiations between the logistic terminals and the investor in order to get the latter into the capital. Both terminals are located in Moscow and have a transit capacity of 800,000 TEU's.
Grain train terminal
Assistance in negotiations between the grain terminal management team and the Chinese investor/customer. This railway terminal can forward 80 million tonnes of grain per year.
Creation of a Coworking space in the center of Moscow with a capacity of 400 people and 50 companies in 2000 square meters.

Support of a start-up in the legal procedures necessary for an extension in Europe. The company is developing a smartphone application for the business service sector.
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